The Home Birth of Zara

Here I am, in labor, about 5-6 cm dilated. It's about 3:00 pm, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and we just got to my mom's house, where our baby will be born. Freddy is texting all our friends and family that we will have a baby soon. Yes, I am wearing a pair of Freddy's sweatpants. Labor is all about comfort. Scroll down a little to see my fantastic laboring outfit. And I promise no gory pictures!

 Just hanging out with our family and wonderful midwife, Martha.

Yep, I'm in labor! See how blissful I look?

I've finally changed into clothing worthy of laboring in. Check out my super awesome tie-dye birthing skirt. I wore it when I was in labor with Ash, and I imagine I'll be wearing it again soon!

About the same time as the picture above was snapped, my dear mom was lovingly scrubbing out the bathtub (twice!) for me to labor in, if I wanted it. And I did. Water was so helpful, but in labor, a bathtub feels much harder than usual. Something akin to a medieval torture device. No, I'm not kidding. In labor, everything is more intense, louder, brighter, stronger than in "real-life".  

 Theresa and Chelle, eagerly awaiting a baby. How happy and excited they both look! I love this shot.

I learned later that all the women-folk had posted themselves outside the door, waiting to hear a newborn baby cry.


Labor got intense around 6:00 pm or so, and stayed that way for a couple hours. I pushed for about 25 minutes, and Zara Josephine was born at 8:49 pm, Saturday evening. Here she is, all bundled up, just a few minutes old, brand-new. I don't know what was up with the camera, there's some funky trails going on here. Kinda like during labor.....

It seems the flash was a little bright for a newborn baby.

I guess the flash was a little bright for Wes too!

The day after giving birth, looking very tired, but very, very happy:

Isn't she precious? She still looks like this when she's sleeping.

Maybe I'll post more details later, but the basic story is here. I welcome any questions about natural labor, homebirth or anything related to pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding or babies! Love, Lacy