Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Homemade Soap

Zara and I invited our friends Maya, Hannah and Katerina, over to make soap. We melted glycerin and Shea Butter soaps. Then the girls each decided which essential oils and other ingredients to add.

Maya chose glycerin and Shea Butter soap and then threw in some lavender oil and lavender flowers. It smelled heavenly!

Hannah chose glycerin soap and added lavender oil, lavender flowers and sea salt. Smelled great and slightly exfoliating.

Katerina also chose glycerin soap, but she added both lavender oil and oatmeal. Very soft and silky!

Glycerin and lavender seemed to be very popular, but Zara went against the grain and chose Shea Butter soap. Then she added almond, kombu, sea salt and lavender flowers. When all the ingredients were melting, it smelled good enough to eat!

We had some issues with the molds, but overall I think all the girls had fun and are enjoying their soap. I know I am!

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