Monday, April 26, 2010

Warm Weather

The weather has been gorgeous the past couple of days! The kids are so happy to be playing outside again. Zara is bringing me a flower.

This is what the kids have been doing during the nasty weather - coloring up as good a storm as was brewing outside. Okay, I've been coloring too - the picture in the middle is mine, the scribbly ones are Ash's, but all the other ones are Zara's.

My white sage and culinary sage made it through another winter!

Freddy and I spent a lovely evening last Friday with our cousin Jess, who is pregnant with her and Chris' first baby! Here is a belly comparison - she's due in May, I'm due in July.

No tye-dye yet - but I am almost finished with a Spring Beret hat for me. I am quite proud of this piece. I taught myself a new stitch. I'm working my way up to making a very complicated and beautiful hat for a dear friend. Underneath the hat is the quilt I began for Zara when I was pregnant with her. I just picked up some Sea Grape colored thread to finish it and hopefully if all goes well, Zara will be snuggling in her quilt by the weekend. If I don't get distracted by the dozens of other projects I'm working on!

And my Clover bamboo needles arrived in the mail today, which means I can knit up some things for the baby with this gorgeous, and oh-so-soft, organic cotton yarn.

Have I mentioned that we have a cat pen? Our precious kitties must not be left to wander the forest willy-nilly, lest they be eaten by a wild forest creature. Here is the Hoppy, who has made quite a comfortable nest of straw for herself. Now if only we could get them to lay eggs..............

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