Saturday, June 5, 2010

Caterpillars and Mosquitoes

The caterpillars and mosquitoes are everywhere, so summer is really on it's way!

It's been a busy month! We've had so much going on, and then our computer has been behaving a bit funky, so that I haven't been able to find the time to post here. A rehash of our month looks a little like this:

Our dear friends gave us a beautiful and fun BBQ/Baby Shower in May and we had a blast! Sadly I took no good pictures. The event was staged outside and had a cool and relaxed shabby-chic-garden feel. We feasted on delicious homemade focaccia , fresh salads and fruit, bbq tri-tip and ribs, beer, sangria and strawberry cake. Yum! I did manage to get just 1 shot of the favors.

The Great-grans were down from Oregon and we went to the Folsom Zoo together. A gorgeous male peacock was displaying for a female. He even let the kids pet him several times!
Of course the Grans spoiled the kids ;) and Zara now has a "big girl" bike. She was so proud and excited! After Freddy put it together we went to the local high school and she rode it for awhile and did quite well!
I finally got the yarn I ordered for my sister's scarf and hat. It's very coppery and incredibly soft. Yay, a new knitting project!
I know I promised some shots of the house and here they are:

And in the intermittently nice weather (seriously, is it ever going to stay warm???), the kids have been having some good, dirt-and-water filled fun outside. I love this time of year!
And I've been hard at work, growing a baby! Only 5 weeks to go now, baby should gain about 2 more pounds, which means my belly is soon to be even larger. And I can barely extricate myself from a sitting position as it is!

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