Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Foresthill Volunteer Fire Association Garage Sale

My dear friend has reminded me about this amazing sale every year and I am never able to make it. She always gets great stuff for pennies. This year though, I was determined to go. So we raided our change jar, went as a family and came home with some great finds, including about 50 books on crafts, sewing, home building/repair and plants!

A handmade trestle table - it just needs some reinforcing. The top is weeping sap too. Any suggestions for the sap?

Beautiful Guatemalan fabric for 25 cents!!!

Handmade wooden vehicles - $1 for all 4!

An interesting crock. Does anyone know what it's for?


  1. Thank you! You know, I looked all over the web and couldn't find a thing about it, lol. I love your blog, by the way! Adorable nose piercing, you have such a cute nose!