Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweetness, Bob and Penguin Sliding

Just sheer cuteness!

Zara got a haircut. It actually ended up a bit shorter after all the even-ing up I had to do.

After being told that her haircut is called "a bob" Zara thoughtfully said: "A bob would not look handsome on a boy. (Pause) But Bob is a handsome name for a boy." Alrighty then. I never thought of Bob as being a "handsome" name, but apparently it is to my 4 year old. (No offense meant to those with the name Bob - we know several good men named Bob!)

We played at one of Auburn's parks the other day. Above is a little stream you have to cross on a footbridge to get to the play area.

Kids penguin sliding on Freddy at said park.

Some beautiful oaks there.

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